This is the Watchbot, the newest member of the Robot-Artists in the family.

He searches the room for movement and makes abstract visualisations of the visitors and the surrounding.

He is a reaction to the recent discussions about data-security. Also he is an artist who sees the world with his own eye.

Thanks to the guys who made this possible: Neuer Kunstverein Gießen -> Supervisor

Also many thanks to Christian Dobbert who helped me develop ideas and who is the theoretical spine behind the things


For the wedding of two very good friends of mine we (me and Andreas Gebhardt) decided to build a Photo-Automat.

So one thing we didn’t want to do is renting one, we tried building one of our own.

The little extra is the way the thing works: It calculates the Images into Black and White values and prints it on an old-school-ish 8-needle-printer like the ones that are used to print out recepies. I programmed a software for that purpous, and the guests could print out several pictures the hole day long.

At the end there were over 800 images taken. We got such a good resonance, that I decided to offer that thing for rent, so if you’re interested, contact me!


As a part of my diploma i created this robot. Consisting of two arms with two joints, the robot is capable of reaching every point in a 3.5m circle. The head of the arm is populated with a 4-spraygun head, filled with the basic printing colors CMYK. Thus making the robot a fully functional wall-printer. Graphics and manual commands can be sended via USB to the arm. For the exhibition I atached a microphone to the program and interpreted the signals to a graphic. The arm can move at diferent preset paths like circling with random radius or a spirograph-like shape with this setting.


For the annual exhibition at the „Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg“ we, Sebastian Silveira and myself created a graffiti-robot, so everybody could do his own graffiti without getting his hands dirty or in handcuffs. Everything took place on a central wall in the inner courtyard. A spraypistol was mounted as a toolhead and could be moved in X- and Y- direction via Gamepad.

Live Action Role Painting Game 2011 from Sebastian Silveira on Vimeo.


The cube-o-graph is a test how the prospects of a 3d display could be.
I and Anna Mohr built a grid of 4x4x4 LEDs and casted a trasparent cube arround.
Four microcontrollers controlled the dotmatrix and rude blocks could be illuminated and animated.
Also I built a model of a higher resolution out of plexi and fluroscent dots.
This project was done in 2005 and not developed further.

C43 modular lighting system

C43 is a modular lighting system that can be plugged together and arranged in various ways.
The name is derived from the carbon molecule and its molecular structure. Every c43 element has four arms, two with a pivotable plug and two with a socket. The elements can be arranged similar to the polyhedron packing of truncated octahedrons.
This project was done with Christian Dobbert and in april 2006 and exhibited at the salone satelite in Milan.